Chief Justice Of India Hon,Ble Ramana Said Denial Of Justice Would Lead To Anarchy. Lays the foundation Stone of j&k New complex High court.

 Chief Justice Of India Hon,Ble Ramana Said Denial Of Justice Would Lead To Anarchy. Lays the foundation Stone of j&k New complex High court.

The jammu and kashmir High court 

The Hon,ble chief justice of india ramana laid the foundation stone for new high court complex  in srinagar, the chief justice of india imparted the important message ,it is important for the people to feel rights and dignity must be recognised and protected , He stress on the important point said that denial of justice would lead to anarchy .

The chief justice of india Ramana 

The chief justice of india urged to the lawyers and judges to create a good and friendly environment for the litigants ,who invariably remains under psychological stress

Besides the chief justice of  india said and lamented that the justice delivery mechanism in india is very complex and expensive and the country is far behind in making courts inclusive and accessible . The hon,ble Ramana stressed upon the rights and dignity of the people must be protected, The peace shall only prevail when the rights of people to be protected.

The chief justice of india gave speech in 20 minutes he urged upon the lawyers  and judges must take an oath to do lot of work hard for making  the justice in reality .whereas the judges plays an important role in the constitutional scheme.

The judiciary has a such a value the common man invariably considered the judiciary as the guardian of rights and liberties. the swift and proactive and sensitive decisions can make a lot of difference in the lives of several people who are in desperate need of justice .

Besides the chief justice of india emphasized upon the modernization of infrastructure  to meet the demands of growing needs  of modern india. The CJI also said there should not be delay in the justice process ,justice  would stand defeated if justice delivery mechanism is not swift and affordable .

He stresses upon the issues which are still in courts should be resolved by the speedy process, All judges and judicial officers and lawyers are asked to play an important role by making justice a reality he said.

Besides the lieutenant governor of jammu and kashmir shri manoj sina ji in his address said that the new high court complex of jammu and kashmir and ladak it is new era development of judicial infrastructure in the UT of jammu and kashmir . He said that the jammu and kashmir Ut administration carried out to provide one of the best infrastructure to the judiciary .

The people of jammu and kashmir are very happy for this great judicial achievement regarding the  another high court complex , and remarks that the valuable speech of hon,ble  chief justice of india should be adhered  and the pending cases to be resolved by speedy  process  in order  to making the justice as reality .

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