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J&K Government schemes J&K schemes| Pension Scheme

 Description :There are various government schemes time to time implemented by the social welfare department of jammu and kashmir many people did not know about the benefits of these schemes so timely we are uploading the articles about these schemes of government so that people can aware and take benefits of these schemes if you are trying to know are seeking the government schemes of jammu and kashmir than you are on the right platform.

Jk Government schemes

Name Of the scheme: Pension schemes

  1. Integrated social security scheme ( isss) scheme This scheme follows components
    1. Old age
    2. Widow destitute
    3. Handicapped

The integrated social security scheme ; this Government scheme is state scheme including 100% state funding for the welfare and benefits of the eligible people This scheme is being implemented through social welfare department Through its directorates

J&K Government schemes : integrated social security scheme if we see about the eligibility of this scheme you would know here what is the eligibility of this scheme

Eligibility of Isss pension scheme

The Eligible people of this scheme are

  1. Men above the age of 60
  2. Women above the age of 55
  3. Women Widow / Divorced above 40 years of age
  4. Physically challenged Persons with having disability of 40% or above

This scheme is state sponsored schemes fully funded out of the state own resources In this scheme the monthly pension of rs 1000 to be provided to the eligible candidate: This jammu and kashmir old age pension scheme the scheme targets old age people Widow , Disabled and those people who are falling under the category of BPL .the identified beneficiaries under all the three components of this pension scheme must be poor with having less source of income to sustain their livilihood .

Implementing Agency : The implementing agency of this pension scheme is social welfare department through its directorates. The eligible candidates can take benefit of this schemes through the social welfare offices


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