Human Rights, Concept & Evolution

Human Rights: Human rights are the rights which people enjoyed without any discrimination of color, creed, Race, Religion etc these are called as basic or fundamental rights such as right to life” Right to liberty, the rights are entitled to man by virtue of being as human.

Features , Human rights are universal, enjoyed by people without any discrimination such as right to life, & Liberty
Human rights are natural , inalienable , and indivisible

Andrew Heywood : Author of many Political text books said Human rights are the rights to which people are entitled to by virtue of being human. Such as natural rights are right to life and liberty .
Acc. To Jean Rousseau : Man is born free everywhere he is in chains He further stated that Modern states repress the physical freedom “ that is birth right of Everyone.

Ancient To Modern : In Ancient kingdoms The society was usually divided into three classes Nobility or Aristocracy , Clergy, Third class peasant , farmers, Commoners But in all Three classes, The Basic rights of commoners usually got suppressed , invariably treated as low class or caste. With the passage of time ideas led to the Development of human rights.

In Ancient Times Iraq Old Name Mesopotamia , first people who established their settlement in Iraq called as sumerians After sumerians Two other Big powers rose in Iraq called as Babylonians & Assyrians
• Babylonians Kingdom: Founded by Sargon and Hammurabi was 6th King of Babylon, Hammurabi code “ law system” document contains 282 laws related to Social status, free Men , Rights and duties of workers , trade , Property etc

This Code provides Insight into early development of legal system. The text composed during 1755-1750 BC the document also led to development of Human rights.
Magna Carta 1215 Great Charter Agreed by the king John of England To make Peace between King & the group of Rebel Barons. The document contains 1) Protection of Church Rights, Ban on illegal Punishment, All people of England subject to right to justice and fair trial .Magna Carta also led the evolution of Human rights.

American Declaration July 1776. Unanimous Declaration of 13 United States of America. In America colonist fought against British rule for there basic rights freedom, equality and right to pursue happiness finally 13 colonist got independence .these attempts led to development of Human rights

French Revolution in France 1789-1799 The common people Rebelled against King Louis xvi and other Nobels. For their Baisc rights freedom, equality, and Fairness. The main cause of Revolution is war between France and Britain , High Taxation on Peasants finally with this revolution, End of Monarchy , first French Republic established people got justice and social status.

Besides idea of great Thinkers such as John Locke, Rousseau regarding human rights.
After world war 2 global effort has done finally UDHR 1948 led to the Development of Human rights .

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