Upcoming Smart Phones In the Month Of October 2023 

Upcoming Smart Phones In the Month Of October 2023 

In The Month of October The many companies thinking to launch New phones for those massive majority who are enjoying their luxurious life invariably thinking about buying new phones and other Gadgets if we talk our India people have also lot of alaricity to purchase new gadgets including Phones and laptops if you are one who want to buy new featured 5 G upcoming phone than you are on the right place to know all details about new upcoming phones probably in the Month of October 2023

Here is the list of Top 5 upcoming Phones which will available in the market very soon

Know details of upcoming Phones

1. Vivo v29 Pro

2. Vivo v2 Pro

3 one plus open

4 Google pixel 8 Pro

5 Lava agni and Samsung Galaxy

Vivo v29  this phone has already launched by the company now it new version would be available in the market very soon vivo v29 Pro  The previously launched phone has good features it is 5g phone having 50 mega pixel main camera size 6.78 inch  Ram 8 Gb sim type dual supported cpu model snapdragon video capture resolution is 1080 p. Now people have also great alaricity to buy it new version vivo 29 Pro which would be available in the all markets very soon

There are other phone like Google pixel 8 is also nice phone available in the currently the company is also thinking to launch its Pro version goole pixel 8 Pro would be available very soon similiary one plus would be launched by the company if you are searching 5 g phones that pro version above the above list would be available in the markets in the upcoming days you can easily buy these new phones which are recommended and the gadgets and phones enjoyed by the people of these companies.

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