Warwan Beautiful Place In kashmir | Warwan Scenry | Warwan Valley In kashmir

Warwan Beautiful Place In kashmir | Warwan Scenry | Warwan Valley In kashmir

Warwan a Himalayan sub valley lies in district Kishtwar 60 km away from the Kishtwar District . This valley is little known by the people of outside state this valley Is very famous for its beauty and nature. Once who visited to the valley realized that if the paradise is on here it is here and it is here

he Warwan Valley is a remote and beautiful region located in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is known for its stunning natural scenery, including lush green meadows, pristine rivers, and snow-capped peaks. The valley is relatively untouched by modern development and offers a serene and picturesque environment for those seeking to explore the Himalayan region.


This valley is bordered by main kashmir valley in the North and ladak in the east and its parent district Kishtwar lies in the south there are many villages living in the warwan valley few districts are mentioned here Inshan . Aftee, Sukhnai margi etc

Language of the people : the language of the warwan people is mainly kashmiri, Majority of the people speaks  kashmiri in the  warwan Valley


Warwan Valley is one of the most remote Valley of jammu and kashmir the people mainly suffers lack of access to proper roads and communication facilities and particularly electricity the Valley remains cut off for about four to five months every year due to heavy snowfall in the valley


This valley is 150 Km from srinagar capital after passing  30 to 35 km from anantnag District A mountain top passes in the way called as Margan top there invariably remains snow apart from that on the top there is also a beautiful spring called as choharnag which is really very beautiful spring .


In warwan valley people are very nice and gentle and their hospitality is very nice and way of talking , Mark of respect for tourists is unbelievable people have good manner and lived very simple life their main occupation is sheep rearing the people are still living a simple life having very old designed houses because of weather conditions .

Weather conditions

A warwan valley a beautiful place in the world if oursiders want to visit to this valley july and August month is good for visiting here in these two months the weather conditions remain good and one can see it beauty and nature really one who visits to this place he often thinks that to visit again and again because of its beauty.


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