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Gulmarg | Gulmarg Temperature |Khayber Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the beautiful place in kashmir thousands of tourists every year visited in this valley It is the best tourist destination in the ut of jammu and kashmir and it lying in the baramulla district from the baramulla district it is 31 km away this district  the town is situated in the pir panjal range in the Western  Himalayas This place has great importance in kashmir  Gulmarg made of two persian words Gul means flower and marg means meadow so it is known as meadow of flower.

Distance from srinagar to Gulmarg

Gulmarg is lying in the baramulla district is the 31 km away from the baramulla district similiarly the distance from srinagar to Gulmarg is almost 48 km away.


Gulmarg is cup shaped valley lies in the pir panjal range it has lot of glaciers . In winter there remains lot of snowfall which allows the growth of wild flower such as daisies  and butter cups

Gulmarg Temperature 

The Gulmarg valley is at high elevation it has humid continental climate in the summar season there remains moderate temperature in july August temperature remains 29-30 c But in winter January -febuary temperature remains very low due to heavy snowfall in the gulmarg in january recorded temprature 11.5 c

Winter Sports :  Gulmarg is the heartland of winter sports in india as is known as asia’s 7th best ski destination Gulmarg is also famous for alpather lake is a tranquil paradise for nature lovers surrounded by pictures meadows and snowclad mountains.

Gulmarg Gondola :

Gulmarg Gondala is famous and highest in the world in every year lakhs of tourists from outside the ut to visited in the gulmarg valley and enjoy the gondola travel through mountains .This project is was built by the french company pomagalski The gulmarg gondola has two stage ropeway ferries about 600 people per hour between gulmarg and a shoulder of nearby apharwat peak 4200 meters (13800ft)  the first stage transfers from Gulmarg at 2600 meters 8500ft to kongdoori at 3080 meters  10100ft. the second stage which has 36 cabins and 18 towers takes passengers to height3950 meters A chair lift systems are to used connects kongdoori with marys shoulders for taking skiers to higher altitudes. the high inflow of tourists has an effect on the fragile eco system of gulmarg and activists have demanded tighter regulation to save the environment of the area from over tourism

Gulmarg Igloo Cafe or Igloo Restaurant 

The gulmarg valley is very famous for one of the largest igloo cafe restaurant which has recently opened the gulmarg in the month of febuary 2022 in this restaurant there is the capacity of 40 persons can eat the same time the height of this igloo cafe 37.5 feet

Khayber gulmarg 

The khyber Himalayan Resort is a famous resort place the people are enjoying to live at this beautiful resort place it lies 8825 feet above sea level in the pir panjal ran ge of the himalayas the khyber himalayan resort and spa is spread over seven unspoilt fir laden acres 85 room resort is framed at every vantage .this is also the beautiful resort place The khyber Himalayan resort is connecting with to a shopping center. gulmarg gulf club and gulmarg ski Resort are worth visiting this resort is close to st marry church .

Gulmarg Weather

In Gulmarg in the month of June and july remains moderate temperature and in winter during November the temperature remain 10-14 c During the winter months January to march the pir panjal mountain range receives the heavy snowfall and in winter lot of games to be played in gulmarg during winter season winter festival session to be held in the gulmarg so far in summar and winter days the gulmarg is altogher best enjoying place for tourists thousand of tourists from outside come to kashmir valley during winter and visited so many places particularly in Gulmarg they are enjoying big snowfall

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