Smoking | In J&k 70 Percent People Suffering | Smoking Main Cause Of Cancer 

Smoking | In J&k 70 Percent People Suffering | Smoking Main Cause Of Cancer

Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar Thursday said that the prevalence of tobacco was very high and 70 percent of people in households were exposed to ill effects of tobacco in J&K.
Addressing a media sensitisation workshop here, he said that the cause of cancers, cardiovascular diseases including other diseases was the use of tobacco.

“Prevention of tobacco use in J&K will make a huge difference as people here prefer smoked tobacco to chewing tobacco. Around 70 percent of people in households and 60 percent in offices are exposed to the ill effects of tobacco. The use of tobacco chewing has reduced across the country. We have controlled it to a large extent. So, we need to have better enforcement,” Advisor Bhatnagar said.

He said that the use of tobacco was the gateway to the use of other drugs.

The possibility of using other drugs like cannabis is high among smokers. So, it is very important to raise awareness among youth,” he said.

Advisor Bhatnagar requested Health Secretary Bhupinder Kumar to introduce a curriculum regarding the ill effects of tobacco use, drugs, and other issues in schools.

We should raise awareness among the youth at an early age. Starting from 5th standard, there should be topics in the syllabus about ill effects of tobacco and other drugs which is a concern,” he said.

Advisor Bhatnagar said that youth consuming drugs and the availability of drugs was a problem that the government was trying to curb.

All stakeholders including media, Police, and health personnel should coordinate and help prevent youth from this dangerous menace in J&K,” he said.

On the sidelines of the event, Secretary to Government Health and Medical Education, Bhupinder Kumar said that the prevalence of tobacco use was very high in J&K and one in every five individuals is a smoker, especially adults.

Tobacco consumption is a risk factor for cancers, cardiovascular, and other diseases. So, it is important to regulate it. It is the responsibility of the media and other stakeholders to highlight issues and raise awareness to control tobacco consumption,” he said.

Kumar said that the idea behind this workshop was to seek support from the media which he believes was an important stakeholder.

In the past, tobacco consumption was prevalent among females which has reduced now. It is still high in J&K and a lot needs to be done,” he saidsmoking

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