Jkssb Panchayat Secretary Mock Test 2022 Free Online Mock Test Check Your Preparation Level

 Mock Test

Jkssb Panchayat Secretary Mock Test 2022 Free Online Mock Test Check Your Preparation Level 

Post : Jkssb VLW Panchayat Secretary

Component: All  Full
Length Mock Test


Please read the following instructions carefully and follow
all the instructions strictly, Mark the tick √on right Response, No candidate
is allowed to use any electronic gadget or using of cell phone devices, that
will not reflect your knowledge, this test is objective based on your full preparation.
Each objective Question is followed by four response in 10-15 seconds your task
is to choose correct response, after that you can check answer by clicking on the
button Show Answer and you will know the actual right answer of each question. There
are negative marking of 0.25 Marks for every Wrong Answer Question.

Let’s Start Mock Test

Q1. Which one of the following called as the largest plateau in south india 

A) Deccan plateau

B) Malwa plateau

C) chota nagar plateau

D) none of the above


Q2.The Pamir popularly known as the roof of the world it is the connecting link between

A) Himalayas and high ranges of central Asia

B) lesser Himalayas and Great Himalayas

C) It  Links South India And North India

D) None of the above


Q3.Who has won the women’s fiction award 2022 for the noval the book of form and emptiness

A) Gitanjali shree

B) Rizwana Hassan

C) Ruth Ozeki

D) k.Bilwaska


Q4 The Madhavpur Mela is Celebrated in which state (india)

A)  Gujrat

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Assam

D) Kerla


Q5. Who among the following won JCB Prize for literature Book titled ‘Delhi A Solioquy’

A) Sk Sohan

B) S.Suresh

C) M.Mukundan

D) Anita Desai


Q6.Where is the konark Sun temple Located

A)  Tamiil Nadu

B) Gujrat

C) Assam

D) Odissa


Q7.The Geographical area that supports to plants and animals called as

A) Biochore

B) Ecological Niche

C) Ecology 

D). None 


Q8.The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019 has 14 Parts which part deals with high court of Jammu and Kashmir Ut 

A) Part 6

B) part 7

C) Part 8

D) Part 9


Q9 Which One of the following does not include In the Demographic Process

A) Fertility

B) Mortality

C) morbidity

D) Social Mobility 


Q10. Which one of the following is  the component of Democracy

A) Morality 

B) Migration

C) Mobility

D None of the above


Q11. The Census 2011 Data Was Collected In How many languages

A) 16

B) 17

C) 18

D) 19


Q12. Which One of the following strait Separates india from Srilanka

A) Davis Strait

B) Palk Strait

C) Dover Strait

D) Florida Strait


Q13 The Kanha National park is located in which state of India.

A) Kerla

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Jharkhand 

D) Madya  Pradesh 


Q14. which governor general was impeached by british parliament.

A) Lord Cornwallis

B) Lord Wellesley 

C) Warren Hastings

D) Lord William Bentick 


Q15.The Congress is in reality a civil war without arms. The above statement was made by

A) Sir Syeed Ahmad Khan

B)  Warren Hastings

C) Mathma Ghandhi

D) Lord Minto


Q16 The Kishtwar National park bounded by North by which River .

A) Marka River

B) Rinnay River 

C) Kiber River 

D) Marusudar River 


Q17 The Hygam Wetland Reserve is located in which of the following district of Jammu and Kashmir 

A) Shopian 

B) Ganderbal 

C) Anantnag 

D ) Baramulla 


Q18. Which one of the following rular got the title samudra Gupta of kashmir

A) Lalitaditya 

B) Durlabvardana

C) Mailik Haider

D) Suravarman


Q19. The Anti- defection law mentioned in which schedule of the constitution of india .

A) schedule 8

B) shedule 9

C)  schedule 10

D) schedule 11


Q20. Which one of the following article deals with protection of life and liberty.

A) Article 19

B) Articel 20

C) Articel 21

D) Article 22


Q21. Which Follwing article has given the legal status under 300A in the constitution of india .

A) Article 28

B) Article 29

C) Article 30

D) Article 31


Q22.Where is the shiv khori cave situated in jammu and kashmir .

A) Resai

B) Ramban

C) kishtwar

D) Jammu


Q23 The Kishtwar national Park was established in the year.

A) 1981

B) 1982

C) 1983

D) 1984


Q24. The Malgam Wetland Reserve is situtated In which district of Jammu and kashmir.

A) Baramulla 

B) Ganderbal

C) Bandipora 

C) Pulwama


Q25. The Jasrota wildlife sanctury is situated in which district of the jammu and kashmir.

A) jammu 

B) kishtwar

C) kathwa

D) ganderbal


Q26.Which one of the following is very famous wildlife sanctury for the black necked crane

A) changthang wildlife sanctury

B) Nandini wildlife 

C) Trikutta wildlife 

D) Gulmarg wildlife sanctury


Q27 Who among the following personalities served as the last prime minister and the first chief minister of jammu and kahmir.

A) Bakhi Gulam Mohammad

B) Syed mir Qasim

C) Sheikh Abdullah

D) GM sadiq


Q28. A Traditional Gondola type lightweight rowing boat ride which is famous on the pristine Dal lake in kashmir is refferred as

A) Shikara ride 

B) Gondola Ride

C) Tongo Ride

D) Coracle Ride


Q29 The Biafo Glacier is located on south slopes of karakoram range flows into which one of the following river

A) shigar river

B) indus river

C) Yapola River

D) jhelem River


Q30. In which of the following lake the Mughals built summar palace on its bank

A) Gadsar lake 

B) krishansar lake 

C) Wular lake 

D) Manasbal lake 


Q31. Choose the suitable preposition from the given alternatives and fill in the blanks in the sentence 

 At last he yielded ——-The temptation

A) To 

B) At 

C) For
D) by


Q32.The Three people sustained minor injuries ———– the accident

A) for 

B) At 

C) In



Q33. Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

 I find it very tiring to do —-same job day to day

A) An 

B) A

C) the 

D) No article 


Q34.Identify the synonyms of the word Adulterate

A) Ameliorte 

B) elevate

C) amend

D) contaminate


Q35.Identify the Synonyms of the given word Abandon

A) forsake 

B) Pursue

C) carry on

D) continue


Q36. Identify the Antonyms of word Heedless

A) negilent 

B) unmindful

C) solicitous

D) reject 


Q37. Fill in the blanks with the suitable Model verb 

There is no forecast of rain and it is sunny now.But it still———– Rain

A) May

B) should

C) Must

D) could


Q38.Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

I was wondering ——– gift is this

A) whom

B) whose 

C) When

D) who 


Q39. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article

 I like learining new languages .The french is —— easy language

A) A

B) An

C) The 

D) None  of the above


Q40. Fill in the Blanks with the apprioprate articles 

 Mr. Sharma became ——— chancellor of a university in 1989

A) a

B) An 

C) the 

D) No aricle 


Q41. When the man saw the cat on the outside of the fence, so the cat jumped ——— the fence

A) above 

B) over

C) into 

D) onto


Q42. Rearange the following Jumbled up sentence into a meaningful one 

 Postman/tired/the/day/end/looked/at/of /the

A) the end of day looked the very tired the postman.

B) the very tired of the postman looked at the end of the day

C) the postman looked very tired at the end of the day

D) the very end of the day tired looked at the postman


Q43. Choose the correct Narration 

“How is your father?”asked my friend.

A) My friend asked how was my father

B) my friend asked how is my father

C) My friend asked how my father is

D) my friend asked how my father was 


Q44.Choose the correct Model to complete the sentence 

The teacher said to the students you ——–not speak loudly in the class room

A) Can

B) would

C) must

D) might 


Q45 Fill in the blanks with the correct word option 

 The rabit ate the ——- carrot, Hiding in his —-

A) hole , whole 

B) whole , hole

C) whole , whole

D) hole , hole


Q46.Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

 He ——— is a wise

A) who controls his anger

B) whose anger controls

C) whom his anger controls

D) who his anger controls 


Q47.Choose the correct article to complete the sentence

 Have you ever seen ——- Taj mahal in agra

A) A

B) An

C) The

D) No article 


Q48 Choose the correct highlighted idiom:

 The teacher got very emotional and broke down in the middle of his speech

A) shouted 

B) stopped 

C) wept

D) none of the above


Q49.Choose the Correct article to complete the sentence 

Tenzing was ——— first man to climb Mount everest in 1953

A) The 

B) A

C) An

D) No article 


Q50. Choose the correct tense to complete the sentence

 I ———– down the lane for quite some time

A) have walk

B) had walking 

C) had been walking 

D) have been walk


Q51.Choose the word that is spelt correctly and fill in the blanks 

The house they inherited belongs to —— Grandfather

A) there

B) theyr

C) their 

D) theire 


Q52 Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: 

They are sitting ——– the bench

A) above

B) On

C) below

D) across


Q53.Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives below

 He is ——- the ticket counter —— the park

A) On, in

B) At ,In

C) In, At

D) On ,In


Q54.Choose the word that is spelt correctly and fill in the blanks

 Physical ——— is important for good health

A) exarcise

B) exercise 

C) excercise 

D) excersise


Q55. Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

Anita wanted ——–camera to take —–pictures of her frinds in the garden

A) A , much 

B) An, Many

C) A , few

D) A ,Some 


Q56.Choose the synonyms of the word ..Agent

A) delegate 

B) rival

C) antagonist

D) opponent


Q57. To choose the correct meaning of the idiom from the given alternative 

 (To add fuel to the fire( flames)

A) make passions stronger

B) to know throughly

C) quite Puzzled 

D) to stray away 


Q58. Choose the correct meaning of idiom from the given alternatives 

 “To carry the day “

A) to avail of the least help

B) to win

C) To defeat

D) To run off 


Q59.Fill in the blanks with the correct given alternatives 

 The event came ——-as he had predicted it

A) On 

B) Off

C) About

D) Up


Q60. In large cities people are cut ———– from nature

A) to 

B) about 

C) at

D) off


Q61.The left and right alignment of worksheet can be changed by using which one of the following

A) file Handle 

B) tool Box

C) Tool bar

D) Clip art 


Q62. The active cell in Ms excel has which colour of border

A) Dark bordr 

B) red Border 

C) green border 

D) yellow border 


Q63.Which one of the followign shortcut key is used for ” format number in Comma’

A) ctrl+shift+1

B) ctrl+shift + 2

C) ctrl + shift +3

D) ctrl+ shift + 5


Q64.How Many types of Data can be entered in worksheet

A) two types 

B) Three Types

C) four Types

D) unlimited 


Q65.which one of the following is not a search engine

A) google 

B) Yahoo

C) hotbot

D) Mozilla 


Q66.What is the full form of DNS:

A) domain name system

B) domain native system

C) dongle Name system

D) none of the above


Q67.The term virus coined by which one of the following Personalities

A) john fred 

B) fred John

C) david norway

D) none of the above 

D none of the above The term coined by fred cohen

Q68 Which one of the following is generally costiler

A) Personal computer

B) notebook computer

C) Laptop computer

D) mainframe computer


Q69. The computer basic architecture was developed by which one of the following

A) john von neumann

B) charles babbage 

C) Blaise pascal

D) Jordon Murn


Q70 What is the full form of ALU

A) access logic unit

B) array logic unit

C) Artifical Logic unit

D) arthmetic logic unit


Q71 Pick the one that is used for the logical operations or comparisons such as less than, Equal to or greater than



C) input Unit

D) Mu


Q72. The Parallel port is most often used by A

A) Printer

B) Moniter

C) scanner

D) flat screen 


Q73. External devices such as printers,keyboards,and modems are known as

A) add on devices

B) System devices 

C) Pheriphel devices

D) software


Q74. Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently processed by the CPU

A) Mass memory 

B) internal Memory


D) none of the above


Q75. What type of the device is digital camera

A) Input

B) Output

C) software

D) storage


Q76.A byte can represent any number between 0 and ….

A) 2

B) 255

C) 258

D) 267


Q77. A nibble is equal to ——- bits

A) 4

B) 8

C) 16

D) 32


Q78. Hub is associated with which one of the following network

A) Bus

B) Ring

C) Star

D) all of these


Q79.Network components are connected to the same cable in the ——-topology

A) Star

B) Ring

C) Bus 

D) Mixed


Q80. Vendor created program modifications are called as

A) Patches 

B) anti viruses

C) hales

D) fixes 


Q81.The last three letters of the domain name desribes the the type of..

A) Organisation

B) connectivity

C) server

D) protocol


Q82. A device needed to communicate with computers using the telephone line is a

A) disk 


C) Modem



Q83.Telnet is a ——- based computer protocol

A) Sound 

B) Text 

C) Image

D) animation


Q84.In Ms Excel ——– alllows users to bring together copies of workbooks that other users gave worked on independently

A) Copying

B) Pasting

C) Merging

D) none of the above 


Q85.How many types of relationships are there in MS- Access

A) 3

B)  5

C) 6

D) 8


Q86.The data and time are available on the desktop at

A) keyboard 

b) My computer

C) task bar 

D) none of the above 


Q87. The file extensions are used in order to ……

A) name the file 

B) identify the file 

C) identify the file type 

D) ensure the file name is not lost


Q88. The word processor used by DOS to write the program or instructions is

A) Word star

B) note pad 

C) word pad

D) Ms word 


Q89. The computer language used on the internet is which one of the following




D) Java


Q90. A hexadecimal number is represented by

A) three digits 

B) four binary digits 

C) four digits 

D) none of the above


Q91.Cobbler:leather:: Carpenter?

A) furniture 

B) wood

C) Hammer 

D) Chair


Q92. Magazine : editor :: Drama ?

A) Director

B) player

C) Manager

D) Actor


Q93.If Pale is coded as 2134 ,Earth is coded as 41590 Then How is Pearl coded as

A) 29530

B) 24153

C) 25413

D) 25430


Q94. If Meat is Team then Bale is written as

A) Elab

B) Blab

C) able

D) Ealb


Q95.Complete the following number series
6,9,12,15,18, ?

A) 21

B) 20

C) 19

D) 23


Q96. Complete the following given series

A) 34

B) 36

C) 38

D) 83


Q97.Pointing towards a girl, Ramesh says, This girl is the daughter of the only child of my father” what is the relation of Ramesh’s wife with the girl

A) Sister 

B) Aunt

C) daughter
D) Mother


Q98. Pointing towards a boy sarita said He is the son of only son of my grandfather” How is that boy related to sarita

A) Uncle 

B) brother

C) Cousin

D) Nephew


Q99. The age of father is thrice of his son. If the sum of their ages is 48 yrs .What is the age of father

A) 36 years

B) 38 Years

C) 40 Years

D) 50 Years


Q100. Complete the number series from the given alternatives

A) 23

B) 31

C) 41

D) 69


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