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Q31. Choose the suitable preposition from the given alternatives and fill in the blanks in the sentence 

 At last he yielded ——-The temptation

A) To 

B) At 

C) For
D) by


Q32.The Three people sustained minor injuries ———– the accident

A) for 

B) At 

C) In



Q33. Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

 I find it very tiring to do —-same job day to day

A) An 

B) A

C) the 

D) No article 


Q34.Identify the synonyms of the word Adulterate

A) Ameliorte 

B) elevate

C) amend

D) contaminate


Q35.Identify the Synonyms of the given word Abandon

A) forsake 

B) Pursue

C) carry on

D) continue


Q36. Identify the Antonyms of word Heedless

A) negilent 

B) unmindful

C) solicitous

D) reject 


Q37. Fill in the blanks with the suitable Model verb 

There is no forecast of rain and it is sunny now.But it still———– Rain

A) May

B) should

C) Must

D) could


Q38.Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

I was wondering ——– gift is this

A) whom

B) whose 

C) When

D) who 


Q39. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article

 I like learining new languages .The french is —— easy language

A) A

B) An

C) The 

D) None  of the above


Q40. Fill in the Blanks with the apprioprate articles 

 Mr. Sharma became ——— chancellor of a university in 1989

A) a

B) An 

C) the 

D) No aricle 


Q41. When the man saw the cat on the outside of the fence, so the cat jumped ——— the fence

A) above 

B) over

C) into 

D) onto


Q42. Rearange the following Jumbled up sentence into a meaningful one 

 Postman/tired/the/day/end/looked/at/of /the

A) the end of day looked the very tired the postman.

B) the very tired of the postman looked at the end of the day

C) the postman looked very tired at the end of the day

D) the very end of the day tired looked at the postman


Q43. Choose the correct Narration 

“How is your father?”asked my friend.

A) My friend asked how was my father

B) my friend asked how is my father

C) My friend asked how my father is

D) my friend asked how my father was 


Q44.Choose the correct Model to complete the sentence 

The teacher said to the students you ——–not speak loudly in the class room

A) Can

B) would

C) must

D) might 


Q45 Fill in the blanks with the correct word option 

 The rabit ate the ——- carrot, Hiding in his —-

A) hole , whole 

B) whole , hole

C) whole , whole

D) hole , hole


Q46.Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

 He ——— is a wise

A) who controls his anger

B) whose anger controls

C) whom his anger controls

D) who his anger controls 


Q47.Choose the correct article to complete the sentence

 Have you ever seen ——- Taj mahal in agra

A) A

B) An

C) The

D) No article 


Q48 Choose the correct highlighted idiom:

 The teacher got very emotional and broke down in the middle of his speech

A) shouted 

B) stopped 

C) wept

D) none of the above


Q49.Choose the Correct article to complete the sentence 

Tenzing was ——— first man to climb Mount everest in 1953

A) The 

B) A

C) An

D) No article 


Q50. Choose the correct tense to complete the sentence

 I ———– down the lane for quite some time

A) have walk

B) had walking 

C) had been walking 

D) have been walk


Q51.Choose the word that is spelt correctly and fill in the blanks 

The house they inherited belongs to —— Grandfather

A) there

B) theyr

C) their 

D) theire 


Q52 Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: 

They are sitting ——– the bench

A) above

B) On

C) below

D) across


Q53.Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives below

 He is ——- the ticket counter —— the park

A) On, in

B) At ,In

C) In, At

D) On ,In


Q54.Choose the word that is spelt correctly and fill in the blanks

 Physical ——— is important for good health

A) exarcise

B) exercise 

C) excercise 

D) excersise


Q55. Fill in the blanks with the correct option 

Anita wanted ——–camera to take —–pictures of her frinds in the garden

A) A , much 

B) An, Many

C) A , few

D) A ,Some 

Q56.Choose the synonyms of the word ..Agent

A) delegate 

B) rival

C) antagonist

D) opponent


Q57. To choose the correct meaning of the idiom from the given alternative 

 (To add fuel to the fire( flames)

A) make passions stronger

B) to know throughly

C) quite Puzzled 

D) to stray away 


Q58. Choose the correct meaning of idiom from the given alternatives 

 “To carry the day “

A) to avail of the least help

B) to win

C) To defeat

D) To run off 


Q59.Fill in the blanks with the correct given alternatives 

 The event came ——-as he had predicted it

A) On 

B) Off

C) About

D) Up


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